The Trumpet Fundamental Technique

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by Renato SOGLIA

The method has been developed either for Ministerial Conservatory programs and music schools, and for the basic necessity and ability that every good trumpet player should possess to become part of any instrumental ensemble or company or group or band, from a school orchestra to one of the many now highly qualified musical bands. The text is divided into 10 chapters: each one includes different levels of learning , indicates the aim that one intends to reach , what the student will be able to achieve at the end of the course, demonstrate the contents of the unit, exercises are subdivided into different levels of difficulty (easy to difficult); to provide knowledge and competence in the theory of music, (Theoretical necessities) and indicating eventual practical and theoretical connections with other parts of the text. (Close examination of the text). The last two chapters propose parts pieces for solos and group music, which can be used either as a study or as musical excerpts for the experienced scholar student. With the chapters system the book is utilizable for self-taught persons for “to learn to learn”. – For Secondary School at Musical Address – For Conservatory and Musical Institutes – For Civic Musical Schools – For Schools connected musical Bands