Religious Polyphonic For Service And Church Music Animation And For Concert

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The collection contains twenty-six religious songs that Master Luigi Giacomini (alias Padre Callisto) has accomplished for a choir of trio and quartet voices. The Master Luigi Giacomini, a teacher of instrumentation and composition for bands at the Conservatorio “G. B. Martini” of Bologna, is a musician of great value, and some of his works are published by the Milan Publishing Houses “Fabbri” and “Theorema”. Graduated and qualified in composition, instrumentation for band, chorus and direction of choirs and polyphony vocals, founded and directed different choirs, that of professionals and amateurs. Appropriately for these connections he has elaborated with the best known Christian singers, often including his creative religious works. The choir repertories that he has directed and composed are nearly all exclusively from his own compositions or from his own re-elaborations from the classical and popular repertories. Due to the wide public approval of these musical excerpts at every performance (choir, concerts, etc), we are honoured to be able to offer a wide choice in this present publication. The ease of execution and the splendid musical sound effect of the choral singers render great interest for all the choirs, formed by either professionals or amateurs. Index of passages : CANTO DI LODE, SANTO DIO CREATORE, ADORO TE DEVOTE, IMPARATE DA ME, O PANE DEL CIEL, PANIS ANGELICUS, SIA LODE A TE, TANTUM ERGO, PADRE NOSTRO, ALLELUJA, IN UN NEMBO, O SANTISSIMA, ANDRO’ A VEDER MARIA, AVE MARIS STELLA, NOME DOLCISSIMO, LA PACE DEI SANTI, NOEL NOEL, RIPOSA O BAMBIN, VENITE FEDELI, S’INNALZINO NELL’ETERE, CRISTO E’ RISORTO, COL SUO SANGUE, E’ RISORTO IL SIGNORE, RISUONI UN GRIDO, BEATO L’UOMO, SAPIENZA ETERNA.