Orchestration For Band Treaty For Composers And Band Conductors

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by Angelo DE PAOLA

Finally a practical and complete manual – directed towards band-leaders and composers – for the simultaneous study of orchestration for bands and genre class of wind instruments. Through an easy handbook of immediate fruition, the aim is to provide an up-to-date way to learn the new technical possibilities in the orchestration of ones own band, also to help stimulate in the experimentation and research in the new area of sonorous. The work opens with acoustic notions; followed by a chapter which deals in general with the characteristics, possible techniques and particular effects common to wind instruments. The single attention given to each instrument opens a brief historical account and an indication as to the period of when the instrument became part of the band. Followed by various parameters, the different ways to treat the sound and particular solutions specific to each instrument. The second part of the volume looks at the orchestration, then continues with an analysed hypothesis on the study of orchestration and provides various pages of band music written by Italian composers. To conclude, they offer some extension tables on the relevant effects of antique and disused instruments, a glossary on the meaning of some terms and instruments used in the XIX century, and finally a chart of the instruments and the corresponding terminology in the main European languages