Mass And Religious Songs For Chorus To 4 Mixed Voices With Organ Accompaniment (At Libitum)

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After the huge success of the first issue of religious songs “Religious Polyphonic for Service and Church Music Animation and for Concert” by Master Luigi Giacomini, our Publishing House has hurried and also enriched its catalogue with a new publication with the same composer who appears in the Mass of Faenza Cathedral, various motets and religious songs for 4 mixed voices with organ accompaniment (at libitum). The merits of these compositions, entirely composed by Master Luigi Giacomini, are in the magnificent outcome that they give joined to its performance, that is relatively easy also for a non professional choir. Perfectly written on computer, the musical excerpts are eased in the reading in that each voice is written in a different staff. In the Mass and in many other musical excerpts, the undervoice has also been inserted in the part of the organ, now in concert form, which now doubles the part of the vocals. The paper that has been used for this volume is of a cardboard type, so that it allows the publication to last longer. About every musical excerpt there is present a caption that illustrates the principal characteristics. In all compositions, is indicted the level of difficulty. Index of passages : SIGNORE PIETA’, GLORIA, SANTO, AGNELLO DI DIO, ALLELUIA AL VANGELO, CREATOR ALME SIDERUM, O DI SALVEZZA VITTIMA, VIENI GESU’ FRA NOI, TANTUM ERGO, O GESU’ MIO SIGNORE, O SIGNORE SON IO PRESENTE, O SIGNOR VIVI IN ME, IL SACRO TUO MISTERO, AVE MARIA, O REGINA DEL CIEL, O DOLCE MADRE.