Manual Of Advanced Solfeggio For To Split Up Tercets, Quadruplets & The Various Irregular Groups

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by Pier Giacomo ZAULI

This volume of solfeggi spoken part manuscripts in violin key and of some musical theory arguments, have been studied for all students of music who wish to take the Solfeggio examination. Born from my experience (more than fifteen years) as a preparer in this subject, particularly at the Course to Musical Address of secondary school, “Strocchi” in Faenza. And therefore a volume especially adapted for students of the Conservatorio, of the Licei Musicali and for music schools that will appreciate dealing with this type of exam. BOOK’S STRUCTURE : 1) Requirements: The first part of this volume contains a certain number of “thematic” exercises, that is each one is centred on a particular figuration, which perfect execution and makes it necessary to continue with the other exercise drills presented in the book. Every exercise or group of exercises are preceded by an explanation page, that are to be studied often in depth. 2) Various exercises: Every page comprises a test containing various scales of difficulty that can be present in a solfeggio examination. If in these exercises you find beats not dealt with in the requirements, and for which a brief explanation is necessary, it will be given at the termination of each exercise. At the end of each exercise, can be found one or more empty staffs: these will be used by the student who wishes to deepen his knowledge on some figurations, or teachers who have the intention to take into consideration some arguments presented in the trial itself. The exercises change periodically the calligraphy. This is because the student has to get used to deciphering the notes written in different handwriting. 3) Arguments of musical theory: I have rendered helpful so as to arrive at this small useful solfeggio manual, some arguments of musical theory that included a certain number of frequently asked questions in a solfeggio examination.