Pifferando “Quintetto Di Clarinetti”

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Band Formation: Clarinet 1 (Bb), Clarinet 2 (Bb), Clarinet 3 (Bb), Alto Clarinet (Eb), Bass Clarinet (Bb). It comes supplied also the part of Clarinet 4 Bb that replaces, in lack case, the Alto Clarinet Eb. The original title of this Rondeau for clavicembalo by J.F. Dandrieu (1682-1738) is “Les Fifres”. In the elaboration the main theme is initially showed by the first and the second clarinet, while the sections center of the Rondeau generally are entrusted to the third, and to alto and bass clarinets that they change the melody frequently and the accompaniment. The several resumptions of the main theme contain every time organic variations that render the progress of the melody more interesting.

Difficulty Level: Fairly Easy
Duration: 04:02


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