The Faust myth, that in the literary field has found larger expression with Goethe, has always charmed with alternate results, generations of musicians: Berlioz, Schumann, Gounod, Wagner, Liszt and others. Arrigo Boito, also italian (1842-1918), musician and lettered exponent of “Scapigliatura”, not only skilful librettist of the latest Verdi’s works, wanted to attempt his opera version from the famous novel of Goethe. The result is “MEFISTOFELE” opera, regarding the discontinuity from the musical point of view, but includes some intense moments that well delineate the psychology of the three characters: Faust, Margherita and Mefistofele. This moment famous to all music lovers over the world, find thanks to rich instrumentation by Master Angelo Creonti, the best transposition for band in this summary; “Prologue In The Sky”, “Margherita’s Novel”, “The Other Night In Sea Deep”, “Epilogue”, with recitative Faust – Mefistofele and with Faust’s novel “Arrived On Extreme Step” you can listen to it in the square full of opera music fans, thanks to this fantasy for band it doesn’t have particulary difficulty in performance.

Band Formation: Medium
Difficulty Level: Fairly Difficult
Duration: 20:52



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